Recommended N64 Setups Project64 and Others Commonly Used Glide64 Shunyuan’s HLE Audio (set to LLE) BatCat’s MLE RSP or Zilmar’s RSP Either of the RSP plugin should be fine for most games. Keep both of them around just in case. Although, BatCat’s RSP plugin is more compatible, but Zilmar’s tends to be faster. Keep in mind that Glide64 is the same as Glide64 Final. Glide64 is just a merge of Glide64, GlideHQ, and Glitch64 (which of course the final version has) to be one file, but limits you to certain settings that cannot be changed with the emulator. Best Performance Glide64 FinalRead More →

Open Command prompt Launch Diskshadow Add volume d: (volume exchange is on) Begin Backup Create End Backup At this step you should notice the following events in the application log indicating that the backup was indeed successful and logs will now be deleted. DiskShadow can take a TXT file for commands similar to a FTP script so it can be scheduled if you like as well.  Handy if your backup software stops flushing logs or your drive space runs out on your Exchange volume.  Read More →

Ran into issue with user that had a loud fan.  In the past I have replace the system board due to a bad temp sensor.  This time on this particular model BIOS update fixed the loud fan.  Replacing hardware not always the answer.Read More →

 While trying to add an exchange server account the following message appeared: “There was an error locating one of the items needed to complete this operation. It might have been deleted” All you need to do is so a search for ‘mapisvc.inf’ on your C: drive. It will find 2 files, one in C:WindowsSystem32, one in C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemMSMAPI1033 Rename both of them to mapiscv_old.inf – call it what you like, or delete it. Then run Outlook 2003, it will configure and put the file back there for you, and allow you to setup your account.Read More →