Had a web developer today tell me hey add this website to DNS for me.  I asked him what IP do you want me to point this to?  He said huh?  Fun fact:  some companies have their Active Directory Domain the same as their external domain name.  This was the case for this Host record needing to be added.

1. Determine the IP address of the host you want to add via, Network solutions who is for the domain you are adding a host for such as:  thiswebsiterocks.yourcompany.com so search for who is info for yourcompany.com

2. once you know the Name servers listed at the bottom time to bust out good old command line nslookup (I am sure there are various other ways to do this and if you have others great, I enjoy nslookup on win7).  Start, Run, cmd or Start Search for CMD and open it.

3. nslookup

4. server <the name server you found from the who is search>

5. thiswebsiterocks.yourcompany.com

6.  This will return the IP address for the site.

7.  Give your DNS admin the thiswebsiterocks.yourcompany.com and IP address and you will be all set!

End of confusion.


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