There are a couple of things to note when upgrading BES from 5.0 to the latest SP3 and Maintenance Release.  As of SP3 they no longer support MDS Integeration.  If you normally do a default install of BES you will have this installed.  When going to SP3 it will tell you to remove Integeration services.  Well that will seem easy enough at first however it is not as simple as doing it through add remove programs!

1.  Login to Adminstrator

2. Go to Server and Components > BlackBerry Domain > Server View > MDSSx

3. Click on Supported Dispatcher Instances and remove all from right hand column and exit Administrator.

4. Lauch BES 5.0 SP2 installer and remove MDS Integration Service (requires reboot).

5.  Login to Adminstrator

6. Go to Server and Components > BlackBerry Domain > Component View > MDS Integration Service

7.  It will say it is uninstalled however you need to remove it from the configuration database (no really when I said uninstall integration services from my SP2 uninstall I meant just uninstall it and leave it in the configuration database so my SP3 install will fail still — sarcasm).  Say Yes – Delete this instance.

8. Install SP3 and reboot

9. Install Latest Maintenance release and reboot.

10.  Test to make sure users are getting emails.




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